2nd Ave & Belltown

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Belltown is the place to be. 2nd & Bell is the place to go. Over 30 bars, restaurants, pinball emporiums and live music are within spitting distance. You may not know where you're headed, but you'll find just what you're looking for — and you'll always have a hell of a good time getting there.

This website represents a unique collaboration between venues who take pride in their neighborhood. It's about businesses working together to create a safe, fun place to gather and mingle, and it is why locals embrace it and where outsiders become insiders.

Belltown is truly an authentic part of Seattle's history and future. Its working class roots keep things grounded and, in a city that's undergone rapid change in recent years, it is one of the few neighborhoods that has remained unscathed and just keeps getting better.

 2ND AVE & BELLTOWN. Start here — and get started.


A big shout out of "thanks" to Project Belltown and Evan Clifthorne, whose passion and commitment for all things Belltown helped to drive the 2nd & Belltown project. To find out more about an amazing nonprofit organization that's doing remarkable things on behalf of Belltown's residents and business community, go to: ProjectBelltown.com.