2nd Ave & Belltown


Teresa Griswold

The magic of a good bar scene is one that no one will ever fully understand. Everyone eventually gets sucked in and sometimes you’re the unlucky fool that gets spit back out at the end of the night. Whether it’s your first night out ever, or just your first night out in Belltown, here are 4 quick tips that will hopefully help you (and your toilet) tomorrow morning.

1. Start your night out slow

This isn't a race folks. Depending on when you started your night, you've still got about 4+ ahead of you. So maybe when you pull up to your first stop of the night you might want to start with some food and drinks. I recommend heading on over to The Whiskey Bar and grabbing yourself a nice thick burger, nothing will soak up the gallons of liquor you're about ingest and help tomorrow's hangover like some fries and grade-A beef. As far as the drinks go, maybe ease into things, don’t start off with 5 shots of Fireball. Maybe order some wine and a nice big glass of water, it's time to prepare yourself, it's going to be a long night.

2. Don’t be stingy with the tip

Now if you're more of a strapped-for-cash individual that plans on pre-gaming beforehand, for the love of God, follow tip one. You don't want to be that person that shows up to the bars at 9 o'clock already passed out the second they step out of their Lyft. First, you won't find your way into the bar; you'll just find your way on to your friends’ shit list. And second, it's called pre-gaming, which means you're actually trying to make it to the game itself. Also, we get it, we’re all trying to ball on a budget (Including the bartenders helping you), so maybe go and check out some of the many Happy Hours going on, like Bathtub Gin & Co.’s $7 house cocktails, but don’t forget to show your bartender a little love! *In order to provide living wages for staff, some bars charge a standardized service fee that acts as your tip, so make sure to check this out*

3. Make nice with your bartender.

These people have seen some shit, and they don't need one more horror story added to that list. A please and thank you goes a long way for getting some quality service, and a generous tip never hurts either. Also, if you're ever out on the town on your own, it's nice to have someone watching your back and acting as your guardian angel armed with a beer nozzle and a handle of vodka. You never know when that Tinder date of yours is going to head south. Also, just be kind person in general.

4. Enjoy yourself.

Whether it be day drinking and watching a game at Buckley’s, reading a book with a nice cold one in hand at Belltown Brewing, or playing some late night pinball with your friends at The Lava Lounge, know that there’s something for everyone and that no matter what you’re doing, you’ll have a great time!